Manage All Your Backdoored Websites Efficiently   ShellStack is a PHP based backdoor management tool. This Tool comes handy for “HACKERS” who wish to keep a track of every website they hack. The tool generates a backdoor file which you just have to upload to the site and put the Read more…

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Pybelt The Hackers Tool Belt   Pybelt is an open source hackers tool belt complete with: A port scanner SQL injection scanner Dork checker Hash cracker Hash type verification tool Proxy finding tool XSS scanner It is capable of cracking hashes without prior knowledge of the algorithm, scanning ports on Read more…

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How Hackers DDoS What is it? A “denial of service” (sometimes called a “distributed denial of service” or DDoS) attack occurs when a system, in this case a web server, receives so many requests at one time that the server resources are overloaded the system simply locks up and shuts Read more…

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Tools for Ethical Hackers

Tools for Ethical Hackers   If you are using any Penetration Testing distribution like Kali Linux, BackBox, Lion Sec… you have many pentest tools. I guess that you can not miss or use all of them. I use Linux Ubuntu for Penetration Testing, so i usually install some powerful pentest Read more…

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Intel chips Vulnerability

Intel chips Vulnerability A vulnerability in Intel chips that went undiscovered for almost a decade allows hackers to remotely gain full control over affected Windows PCs without needing a password. The “critical”-rated bug, disclosed by Intel last week, lies in a feature of Intel’s Active Management Technology (more commonly known Read more…

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The psychology of hackers

  There’s an old quote mis-attributed to the famous bank robber Willie Sutton that claims when asked “Why do you rob banks?” he replied “Because that is where the money is!”  When we ask “Why do hackers hack?” there is a temptation in this age of organised crime-driven malware to Read more…

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