Manage All Your Backdoored Websites Efficiently


ShellStack is a PHP based backdoor management tool. This Tool comes handy for “HACKERS” who wish to keep a track of every website they hack. The tool generates a backdoor file which you just have to upload to the site and put the backdoor URL in the shells.txt present in the tool’s directory.


With ShellStack You can

  • Import PHP Shells
  • Get Server Details
  • Upload Files From Your System using your terminal
  • And Above all You Can Manage Your Backdoors Efficiently

How To Use

  1. git clone
  2. cd shellstack
  3. php shellstack.php
  4. generatebd and exit the tool use CTRL + C – This will generate a backdoor file in the same directory as of the tool in a file named backdoor.php
  5. Upload The Backdoor File To The Victim website
  6. Copy The Backdoor URL and paste it in the shells.txt file present in the tool’s directory and save it (Each backdoor is separated by a new line)
  7. php shellstack.php
  8. Enter The Serial No Assigned To The Backdoor
  9. Rest is pretty Self explanatory

Source: Github