Hacking incidents are increasing day by day in the 21st century. The Internet has the maximum risks nowadays. Sometimes you don’t know how your bad practices invite a hacker to you which can know all your credit card details, messages, OTPs etc.

Today, I will talk about some bad practices you should avoid which can save you from black hat hackers.

Extension flaw in Windows

Maximum computer users use Windows as OS. But there is a very dangerous flaw in Windows which is not resolved yet that you can’t see the extension of a file without going to properties. For example, if there is an image file then you will only see the name of that image. You can’t see the extension like JPG, PNG without going to properties.

Windows only read the last extension of a file, for example, if a file name is virus.exe which is hidden into a file name virus.exe.jpg then Windows will read it as a JPG file but actually, it is an EXE virus which can be metapreter payload which can hack your computer.

Tip: Go to control panel>File Explorer Option>View>Untick “Hide extensions for known file types”.


Bad USB is the biggest issue in the virus world. Bad USB can destroy your processor, hard disc, Softwares and can even burn your processor.

An antivirus can’t detect it because due to reserved space in Pendrive, for example, you have a 8 GB Pendrive then you know that you will get storage around 7 GB. So where that fucking 1GB storage goes. Actually, that storage used to store system information, volume information and some firmware which is used to run Pendrive. Antivirus only detect the visible volume, not reserved volume.

Think if there is a code in that reserved volume which can steal your data, destroy your system by overloading.

Tip: Don’t use anyone’s Pendrive. If you want to use a suspicious Pendrive then use it in Linux, not in Windows.

Fake access point

Usually, if a hacker wants to do a mass attack then they use this trick. In simple words, fake access point means fake WiFi. If you are too eager to access Internet then use it from mobile data or your own WiFi. Don’t use anyone’s WiFi without trust. You can trust Wi-Fi at Big locations such as railway stations, airports. Wi-Fi data is limited on those locations that’s why hackers create fake access point which motivates users to use more Internet through any Wi-Fi.

Tip: Don’t use anyone’s WiFi. If you are using then don’t serve important websites or Apps which have many of your data. Surf https sites.


Keylogging is a way to know which key and how much time a key is pressing on a keyboard. As I told you about bad USB which can destroy your computer, bad USB can be used to make a keylogger also.

Tip: Use an on-screen keyboard during entering critical passwords or OTPs. According to a data, only 0.001% users use an on-screen keyboard to enter these critical data.


Phishing is the common and oldest way used by Black hat hackers to steal your data. In this, a hacker made a website which is similar to your destination website and then stores your passwords and data.

Tip: Check the main domain before accessing any website from untrusted source. For example, if there is a phishing site similar to Facebook then the main domain will not be facebook.com, it can be like Facebook.xyz.com.

So these are all tips you should implement in your Internet life. No one can hack you without your permisson. So, Don’t give permissions to any hacker by some stupid mistakes.