Secures secrets used by privileged users and machine identities

Conjur provides secrets management and machine identity for modern infrastructure:

  • Machine Authorization Markup Language (“MAML”), a role-based access policy language to define system components & their roles, privileges, and metadata
  • A REST web service to:
    • manage identity life cycles for humans and machines
    • organize and search roles and data in your secrets infrastructure
    • authorize access to resources using a sophisticated permission model
    • store secrets and make them available securely
  • Integrations throughout the cloud toolchain:
    • infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
    • configuration management
    • continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD)
    • container management and cloud orchestration

How Conjur Works

To use Conjur, you write policy files to enumerate and categorize the things in your infrastructure: hosts, images, containers, web services, databases, secrets, users, groups, etc. You also use the policy files to define role relationships, such as the members of each group, and permissions rules, such as which groups and machines can fetch each secret. The Conjur server runs on top of the policies and provides HTTP services such as authentication, permission checks, secrets, and public keys. You can also perform dynamic updates, such as change secret values and enroll new hosts.




  • Kubernetes authentication can now work externally from Kubernetes


  • Moved changelog validation up in CI pipeline

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