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What is python_gdork_sqli?

python_gdork_sqli is a python script is developed to show, how many vulnerables websites, which are laying around on the web. The main focus of the script is to generate a list of vuln urls. Please use the script with causing and alert the webadmins of vulnerable pages. The SQLmap implementation is just for showcasing.


  • python3
  • BeautifulSoup from bs4
  • (optional) sqlmap

The script is divided into 3 main sections

  • In this section you’ll have to provide a search string, which connects to the websites database, e.g. “php?id=”. The script then crawls Bing or Google for urls containing it. All of the urls can then be saved into a file. (Please be aware that you might get banned for crawling to fast, remember an appropriate break/sleep between request). Example of searchs: php?bookid=, php?idproduct=, php?bookid=, php?catid=, php?action=, php?cart_id=, php?title=, php?itemid=
  • This section adds a qoute ‘ to the websites url. If the website is prone to SQL injection, we’ll catch this with some predefined error messages. The script will not add websites for blind SQL injections, due to the predefined error messages.
  • This is just an activation of sqlmap with the bulk argument and no user interaction for validation of SQL injection.


 $ git clone && cd python_gdork_sqli
 $ pip3 install psutil bs4 requests urllib
 $ python3



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