Hacking a Website

Hacking a Website I will explain all the methods used to hack a website or website’s database. This is the first part of the hacking websites tutorial, where I will briefly explain all the methods used for hacking or defacing websites. Today, I will give you the overview, and in Read more…

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Secure your website

Nowadays, websites are necessary for most of the businesses and especially in e-commerce. Every attacker knows that your site holds customers data. You’ve worked hard on your site (and your brand) – so take some time to secure it. You should do the following steps to ensure your website is Read more…

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Analyse SQL injection attempts in web server logs   reversemap Analyse SQL injection attempts in web server logs The program can either be run in batch mode or interactive mode. In batch mode the program will accept Apache web server logs and will deobfuscate requested URLs from the logs. In Read more…

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Find SQL Injection

Find SQL Injection What is python_gdork_sqli? python_gdork_sqli is a python script is developed to show, how many vulnerables websites, which are laying around on the web. The main focus of the script is to generate a list of vuln urls. Please use the script with causing and alert the webadmins Read more…

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SQL Injection

What is SQL Injection? SQL injection (SQLi) is an application security weakness that allows attackers to control an application’s database – letting them access or delete data, change an application’s data-driven behavior, and do other undesirable things – by tricking the application into sending unexpected SQL commands. SQL injection weaknesses Read more…

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