Amazing Hidden Features Of Google Search

No one would argue the fact that Google is one of the most useful sites on the Internet. Unfortunately, most people only use about 3% of its power. Smart Google users, on the other hand, know how to turn Google into a quick calculator, translate foreign sites, create their own customized search engine, and search for movie reviews and stock quotes with special search queries. From easter eggs to handy shortcuts that give you want, you want and what you need almost instantly, Google can do it all.

Play Atari Breakout (Google Images)

Remember the classic Atari game Breakout? Google is commemorating the game’s 37th anniversary with a fun, little surprise today. Run a Google image search for Atari Breakout and instead of turning up a page of game screenshots, you’ll be treated to a playable version of game!


Play Pacman

Type Pacman and click Search. Click to start playing the game.


Play Zerg Rush

A playable game originally created by Google with small O characters that destroy search results if they are not clicked with the mouse pointer.


Input Handwriting for Translation

Go to Google Translator, click the pencil option at the bottom left side of the text box and write the word by hand. This is helpful when translating from character-based languages.

How to Pronounce Big Numbers

If you want  Google Search to teach you how to pronounce big numbers, just type in the figure, then adds an equal (=) and the language you want it to be pronounced. However, this works for up to 13 digits only.

Use It Like a Calculator

You can not only perform direct calculations, e.g. 5^3, 10+5, 15-8, 35*55, 100/50 in the search bar, but also can calculate the results for trigonometric functions as well.

Solve Geometrical Shapes

You can solve for geometrical shapes such as circle, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, ellipse etc. With Google search. To do so type solve and add a shape e.g. Solve triangle, click the search button and it will return you with a calculator to solve that shape. Not only this but you can also choose to solve for area, perimeter, gamma, height, side (a) or side (c). Each shape carries a different calculator.

Generate a Graph

You can create a graph instantly for a mathematical function. For instance, search “graph for x^2” or “graph for tan (x)” and so on. The search results returned with the graph drawn.

Google Tip Calculator

You can calculate the Waiter Tip with this if you are poor with math but not with tips. Search tip calculator, enter your bill amount, tip % and select the number of people contributing to the bill to get how much your tip is.


Currency Conversion

Although currency conversions could be done via Google Currency Converter but if you want to perform currency conversion directly from the Google search bar, then just type, the currency you want to convert from and into like this: 100 GBP to USD. The search result will return with the converted amount.


Conversion of Units for Different Quantities

Not just currency, but you can also  convert units for different. There categories you can do conversions in: temperature, length, mass, speed, volume, area, fuel consumption, time and digital storage, etc.


Translation between Languages

Just type the language you want to translate from and the language you want to translate into to turn your search bar into a temporary translator. In this example, we tried Spanish to English.

Google Timer

Type in Google Timer and a box will pop up, allowing you to enter any amount of time, for example 45 seconds. Google Timer will start the countdown and a beeping alarm will ring once it reaches 0. Google timer can be set for full screen as well.

Sunrise and Sunset

Google can  give you the exact times for sunrise and sunset in your city. Search sunrise or sunset in city_name  and the search result will return to the exact time.

Weather Forecast

You can get the weather forecast for any city just by typing the city. Followed by forecast.



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