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ShodanHat  (Search For Hosts Info)   Search For Hosts Info With Shodan. Dependencies You need to install shodan with pip install shodan or easy_install shodan. You need to install python-nmap with pip install python-nmap. You need to set your API Key in the ‘’ file. Options -h, –help show this Read more…

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ABOUT Finsploit is a simple bash script to quickly and easily search both local and online exploit databases. This repository also includes “copysploit” to copy any exploit-db exploit to the current directory and “compilesploit” to automatically compile and run any C exploit (ie. ./copysploit 1337.c && ./compilesploit 1337.c). For updates Read more…

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googler Google Search, Google Site Search, Google News from the terminal Demo Video googler is a power tool to Google (Web & News) and Google Site Search from the command-line. It shows the title, URL and abstract for each result, which can be directly opened in a browser from the Read more…

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