Malware & Rootkit detection on Linux   Although the Linux system can be protected from the spread of most malware, it is not absolutely safe. If your data center erected a Linux server, especially the Web server, you should be on the rootkit Trojans and malicious software to prevent, because Read more…

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Major Update of Acunetix Online

Major Update of Acunetix Online   Acunetix Online has undergone a mammoth update, now enjoying all the features and benefits found in Acunetix On Premise, including: Integrated vulnerability management, greater manageability of threats and targets and the integration of popular WAFs and Issue Tracking systems. Acunetix Online also features a Read more…

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An Advanced Wireless Network Scan and Attack Script     NETATTACK 2 is a python script that scans and attacks local and wireless networks. Everything is super easy because of the GUI that makes it unnecessary to remember commands and parameters. FUNCTIONS SCAN-FUNCTIONS Scan for Wi-Fi networks Scan for local Read more…

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HoneyPot & HoneyNet

Virtual attack and defense system   A honeypot is a term used to describe a computer or network setup with the purpose of attracting computer hackers. These computers allow a system administrator or security expert to analyze how a computer hacker may attempt to hack a network without risking the Read more…

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Hydra 8.5

Network Logon Cracker   A very fast network logon cracker which support many different services. This tool is a proof of concept code, to give researchers and security consultants the possiblity to show how easy it would be to gain unauthorized access from remote to a system. There are already Read more…

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