Malicious Word document can attack

FortiGuard Labs Security company issued a warning, recently appeared on the network using macro functionality to carry malicious programs Word documents, when Windows or macOS devices open these documents after it is possible to download a variety of malicious programs. Microsoft Office productivity office suite macros are often used by network hackers for injection and infection systems, while new wave attacks use similar approaches to deploy malicious programs based on VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code.

And more importantly, this Word document contains malicious programs can simultaneously attack Windows and macOS systems, and the script will try different paths to eventually ensure a successful intrusion system.
FortiGuard means that once a macro command executes a python script, it will download the file without the knowledge of the victim and execute it on the local machine. The script tries to connect to the 443 port of the target host, but the server did not respond in the FortiGuard test .



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