You probably know that the encryption is one of the best ways to protect your files. But do you encrypt your files on your android device? If not, you should, because it’s your responsibility to protect your privacy.

Crypt4All Lite

This app allows you to encrypt your files with 256 bit AES algorithm. You can also set the app to delete the original file after the encryption or decryption.
Crypt4All Lite accepts almost any kind of password, even if it is in Unicode.

SSE – Universal Encryption (Secret Space Encryptor)

Secret Space Encryptor is not just a file encryption app, it also contains a text encrypter, password vault, password generator, and a clipboard cleaner. The user interface of this app reminds me of the old version of android.

Andrognito 2

Andrognito 2 allows you to hide and encrypt any type of file with virtually unbreakable military-grade encryption (AES 256-bit). It has some unique features such as….
Timely PIN – Dynamic and intuitive time-based PIN system for added security.
Fake Account – Deceive intruders into a fake account with some fake hidden files.
Invisible Mode – Hide the app icon from the launcher and go incognito.
Fake Force Close – Make the app crash forcefully to deceive prying eyes.
Automatic Backup – Takes automatic backups of all your hidden files, vaults and settings.
File Import – Import any type of file from any app of your choice.
Native Photo Viewer – Supports native image viewing with GIF playback.
Theme Manager – Customize the look and feel of the app, and…
Junk Sweeper and File Shredding – Leaves no junk files or any traces of the hidden files.


If you are a frequent visitor, you probably know about Cryptonite. If not, no problem. Cryptonite is an open source file encryption solution based on the original EncFS code. It works very well except on some android 4.2 devices. Most features don’t require root access, but mounting EncFS volumes require root access and the Kernal FUSE support. And, the user interface of this app is very good and easy to use.

Encrypt File Free

A simple file encryption tool that can encrypt any file you want. The app has two modes of encryption, one is Automatic, another one is Manual. If you choose Automatic, you can encrypt/decrypt files using the master password. But in the Manual mode, you must enter a password to encrypt/decrypt each file.



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