Windows x32 / Windows x64 – cmd.exe Shellcode

Windows x32 / Windows x64 – cmd.exe Shellcode Author Filippo Bersani Risk [ Security Risk High ] 0day-ID 0day-ID-27788 Category shellcode Date add 17-05-2017 Platform windows ;Full tutorial: [#Windows CMD shellcode] ;COMPILE: ;nasm.exe [-f win32] dynamic.asm -o dynamic.obj ;SKIP -f win32 to create the .obj file to extract eventually Read more…

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Adobe Flash – Out-of-Bounds Read in Getting TextField Width Exploit (0DAY)

Author Google Security Research Risk [ Security Risk Medium ] 0day-ID 0day-ID-27796 Category dos / poc Date add 17-05-2017 CVE CVE-2017-3064 Platform multiple Source: The attached swf causes an out-of-bounds read in getting the width of a TextField. Proof of Concept: Source  40 total views

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