How to activate Windows 10 for free?

Activate windows 10 without a product key

Activating Windows without a product key usually requires you to use a Windows Activator.
Using a Windows Activator without owning a legitimate copy of Windows isn’t legal.

On the other side, activating Windows without a digital license or product key is free. So I created a batch file to activate all Windows 10 editions and I decided to share it with you.

Let’s have a look on how it looks and how it works:

First screen
Second screen
Third screen
Operating System Identified
Activation Completed
Successfully activated

As you can see it is very simple and it looks great.

How to use it ?

After you download the file, just right click on it and Run as administrator .

Run as administrator

After you open it with administrator rights just let it run. If you opened it without administrator rights, it will not work!

This is not an Error !

So if you see this. This is not an Error ! This means you run it without administrator rights !
If you follow this steps it will work 100%.

Back to the final step. Here you will see a question. Do you want to restart your System [Y,N]? It is your choice if you restart at this moment or you will restart later. If you choose to restart the system just type Y, if you don’t want to restart at the moment just type N.

You will notice that your windows is now activated. That means your Windows 10 version is successfully activated. So you can enjoy your fully activated Windows.

The file is encrypted so it can not be edited or modified.

If this method to activate your Windows 10 has satisfied your wishes. Please leave me a comment with your Windows Build number.

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