Named after the prince of Hell, Dagon (day-gone) is a advanced hash cracking and manipulation system, capable of bruteforcing multiple hash types, creating bruteforce dictionaries, automatic hashing algorithm verification, random salt generation from unicode to ascii, and much more.

What is Dagon?

Dagon is an advanced hash cracking and hash manipulation system build on Python 2.7.x. It has the ability to crack a single hash, bruteforce a hash list, verify the hashing algorithm used, and create random salts.

When do I use Dagon?

The best time to use Dagon is when you have no knowledge of the hash you are trying to crack, Dagon is capable of verifying the most likely algorithm used during the encryption phase and will propagate between two or three possible hashing algorithms and try to crack your password using those;. For example:

Lets say you have this hash: 7bdf07eabcd2eeb5f1140bdfa2ccc91a tell me the hash type, I’ll wait.. You can’t can you?

Alright now lets go ahead and fire up Dagon real quick I’ll even run a benchmark to show you the speed of the processing:

Dagon was so quick at finding the possible algorithms that no time passed at all.

Now lets go ahead and get this hash cracked, lets try using MD5:

First Dagon will create a wordlist for us, and then attempt to crack the hash:

Boom in two seconds Dagon was able to crack that hash using MD5. This is not only useful, it is quick and efficient. It is capable of using 17 different hashing algorithms (more coming soon) and capable of cracking documents full of hashes (one per line). Dagon is the quickest and most reliable way to crack a hash without prior knowledge of the Algorithm.

Where do I get Dagon?

Download zip or tarball:

Clone: git clone

View the source code:

Thank you for taking the time to look at Dagon, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. There will be constant upgrades to this application, and in the near future you will be able to run rainbow tables, dict attacks, download wordlists, and more hashing algorithms will be implemented.