Each cell telephone has an one of a kind ID number called IMEI, which remains for “International Mobile Station Equipment Identity”. This number can be utilized to distinguish a mobile’s basic data, for example, originality, vendor, model number, and so on. Administrators can likewise check the gadget’s subtle elements, status and area utilizing this IMEI number. For the most part a mobile’s IMEI number can be seen by specifically dialing to *#06# from the telephone’s dialer. On an Android device, you can likewise see it from Device Settings > About.

In any case, on the off chance that you get your Android phone/tablet stolen or lost, you may need to contact the police and your telecom administrator. Alongside different points of interest, they might oblige you to give the Mobile’s IMEI number as well. With IMEI number, an administrator can track the device, as well as shutdown administrations to it and boycott too.

easily, you can undoubtedly discover your Android Mobiles’s IMEI number from Google Dashboard without stressing over where to get it. Google Dashboard is a spot where Google speaks to a large number of your information among different Google services, and you can see, alter or remove them from one place. On the off chance that you have marked into an Android device utilizing your Google account, the device will be recorded in the “Android” section of Google Dashboard page. Regardless of the fact that you have separated or if the mobile has been disconnected from the net for long time, the device data will stick around there.

The following information you will get from Google services:

  • IMEI
  • Model Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Carrier
  • Time of last activity
  • Registered date (sign in date of Google account to the device)
  • Backup data saved per app 

Steps to find IMEI Number of your lost/stolen phone:

1)Visit Google Dashboard at google.com/settings/dashboard and sign in to your Google account (the account you used in the Android phone’s ‘Accounts’ section, the account you used to use Play Store, Gmail app, etc. on the phone).2)Locate the Android section and click on it to expand. It should already show the number of devices connected.

3)Once expanded, it will show the list of all connected Android phones alone with device details and saved data per application.

4)Pickup your IMEI number.