Nmap Web Version

Rainmap is a web-based application that allows users to create, configure and run Nmap scans from within their browser. A wide range of Nmap options is available, though users only need to specify the targets they want scanned, and the default options will be adequate in most cases. Rainmap aims to simplify network monitoring tasks and encourage system administrators to scan their networks as often as possible.


  • Easily launch Nmap scans with a few clicks.
  • Responsive interface runs smoothly from your phone/tablet.
  • Reports delivered by email in all formats.
  • View reports from your web browser.
  • Schedule scans.
  • Dozens of scanning profiles to choose from.
  • Easy to install/set up.
  • Share results with your team.


pip install Django
pip install lxml
git clone https://github.com/cldrn/rainmap-lite
Update BASE_URL, SMTP_USER, SMTP_PASS, SMTP_SERVER and SMTP_PORT in nmaper-cronjob.py with your base URL and SMTP credentials to receive email alerts.
Create the database schema
python manage.py migrate 
Load the default scanning profiles data
python manage.py loaddata nmapprofiles
Add a cron task to execute nmaper-cronjob.py periodically. For example:
*/5 * * * * cd <App path> && /usr/bin/python nmaper-cronjob.py >> /var/log/nmaper.log 2>&1


python manage.py runserver
Adding the first admin user For security RainmapLite does not have any default administrative user out of box. You need to create one by running the following command:
python manage.py createsuperuser
The administrative console URL is '/console/'.