Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that you should know


Microsoft has cooked in a number of multitasking keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 which you should know

Windows 10, the latest operating system that was released by Microsoft yesterday offers you a list of keyboard shortcuts that will speed up and give a faster browsing experience.

With the introduction of variety of keyboard shortcuts like the right key press, you can now manage virtual desktops, navigate between new features or activate the new Cortana digital assistant. All the new important features added have been made easier to use with the Windows key shortcuts.

For instance, for trackpad users, tapping three fingers would activate Cortana, which can be changed to activate Action Center or swiping three fingers left or right alternates between apps and swiping three fingers up shows the new Task View.

Let’s have a look are the most important Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that one should get familiarized with if using Windows 10:

Common keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + C (or Ctrl + Insert) — Copy the selected item.

Ctrl + X — Cut the selected item.

Ctrl + V (or Shift + Insert) — Paste the selected item.

Ctrl + Z — Undo an action.

Alt + Tab — Switch between open apps.

Alt + F4 — Close the active item, or exit the active app.

Windows key + L — Lock your PC or switch accounts.

Windows key + D — Display and hide the desktop.

New keyboard shortcuts

Windows key + A — Open Action Center.

Windows key + G — Open the new Game DVR recorder when a game is running.

Windows key + H — Open Share Charm.

Windows key + I — Open Windows 10’s settings.

Windows key + Q — Open Cortana in listening mode.

Windows key + S — Open Cortana ready for typed input.

Windows key + Tab — Open Task view.

Windows key + Ctrl + D — Add a virtual desktop.

Windows key + Ctrl + Right arrow — Switch between virtual desktops you’ve created on the right.

Windows key + Ctrl + Left arrow — Switch between virtual desktops you’ve created on the left.

Windows key + Ctrl + F4 — Close the virtual desktop you’re using.

Windows key + Left — Snaps active window to the left.

Windows key + Right — Snaps active window to the right.

Windows key + Up — Snaps the active window to the top.

Windows key + Down — Snaps the active window to the bottom.

These are the keyboard shortcuts which will help you navigate through the Microsoft’s latest operating system with ease.