Facebook Chrome Extension

This Chrome Extension Monitors all your Facebook Activities

We all know that the Facebook studies and monitors the activities of its users for various purposes using their own Artificial Intelligence mechanism. This data helps the social network in showing the relevant information on the user’s News Feed, which is usually evaluated by analysing your social media interests and other activities on the website.

But, now you have an open source and free tool with using which you can easily keep a track on what kind of monitoring mechanism Facebook has implemented and what kind of your activities does the social network tracks. This tool which is a Chrome extension is called Data Selfie. This tool utilises machine learning algorithms to inspect what is read about your personality by the way you use Facebook. It also identifies your social media patterns and offers an opportunity to ensure totally customised and personalised experience.

hrough the Data Selfie, you can monitor the way these machine learning algorithms monitor and process all your activities on the Facebook and how they get information about your personality, interests, and habits. This is made possible through the world famous cognitive system from IBM, called the mighty “Watson.” When you download the app, it starts tracking your interactions on Facebook. It checks your every single your Like, post, the amount of time you spent checking out a shared article/post and every little thing such as when you scrolled and for how long. All the information is logged into the app.

Data Selfie contains a dashboard that provides valuable insights about the data you liked or viewed and your inferences according to pre-determined combos of machine learning algorithms. The tracked activities and the aggregated information get displayed in a timeline format, which is usually categorised with colour codes to highlight different aspects of your data usage.