Veil 3.0

Antivirus evasion and evading detection


The Veil-Framework is a collection of red team security tools that implement various attack methods focused on antivirus evasion and evading detection.

Antivirus ‘solutions’ don’t often catch the bad guys, but they do often catch pen-testing during assignment. This tool came about as a way to execute existing shellcode in a way that could evade AV engines without rolling a new backdoor each time.

Today, in International Security Conference 2017, the leader of Veil project – Christopher Truncer was released Veil 3.0

What’s new:

You can get AntiVirus Evasion Reconstructed – Veil 3.0 paper here


apt-get -y install git
git clone
cd Veil/
cd setup
sudo ./ -c