PuTTY 0.69 released (Free SSH,Telnet,SFTP Client)


Putty is a terminal emulator software program available on Windows and Unix operating systems that allows you to log in to another computer and use it as if you were sitting at that computer (even though you are physically at a different computer). PuTTY supports SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw TCP. In the picture below, is an example of a PuTTY SSH window connected to Computer Hope remotely.



What’s new on PuTTY 0.69?

• Security fix: the Windows PuTTY binaries should no longer be vulnerable to hijacking by specially named DLLs in the same directory, even the names we leave when we thought we’d fixed this in 0.68. See vuln-indirect-dll-hijack-2 The

• Windows PuTTY should work with MIT Kerberos again, after our DLL hijacking defences broke it.

• Jump lists should now appear again again on the PuTTY shortcut in the Windows Start Menu.

• You can now explicitly configure SSH terminal mode settings to to be sent to the server, if your server objects to them.


PuTTY 0.69 32-bit

PuTTY 0.69 64-bit

Unix version


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