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ONE OF THE BEST RAT LESSON ON THE INTERNET Terms of Service [showhide type=”links1″ more_text=”(Click to View)” less_text=Terms of Service1″] If you purchase this service, you automatically agree to these Terms of Service. All lessons are for educational purposes only. Anything you do with the knowledge you obtain is your Read more…

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What is a RAT

What is a Remote Administration Tool (RAT)? Ever felt like your computer was possessed? Or that you aren’t the only one using your tablet? I think I smell a rat. Literally, a RAT. A RAT or remote administration tool, is software that gives a person full control a tech device, Read more…

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All the Terms Of Hacking

Common Terms Of Hacking World 1#DDoS: DDoS  means Distributed Denial of Service. This is a type of DOS attack in which multiple compromised systems are used and these systems are often infected with a Trojan. All these infected systems select a target and cause a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. 2# VPS: It stands for Virtual private server Read more…

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Tools Category


Stealth post-exploitation framework     PhpSploit is a remote control framework, aiming to provide a stealth interactive shell-like connection over HTTP between client and web server. It is a post-exploitation tool capable to maintain access to a compromised web server for privilege escalation purposes. Overview The obfuscated communication is accomplished Read more…

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Tools Category

TheFatRat v1.8

Tool For Generate Backdoor with Msfvenom What is TheFatRat ? An easy tool to generate backdoor with msfvenom (a part from metasploit framework) and easy tool to post exploitation attack like browser attack,dll . This tool compiles a malware with popular payload and then the compiled malware can be execute Read more…

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What is ProRat ? And how we us it ? ProRat is a Remote Administration Tool made by PRO Group.ProRat was written in C programming language and its capable to work with all windows operating systems.ProRat is made for remoting your own computers from other computers.ProRat supports bir lots of Read more…

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