Table of contents

Chapter I:::

  • SQL Injection: What is it?
  • SQL Injection: An In-depth Explanation
  • Why is it possible to pass SQL queries directly to a database that is hidden behind a firewall and any other security mechanism?
  • Is my database at risk to SQL Injection?
  • What is the impact of SQL Injection?
  • Example of a SQLInjection Attack

WebApplication Firewalls::

  • Detecting A WAF
  • Prompt Message
  • Dotdefender
  • Observing HTTP Response

Chapter II

Advanced evasion techniques for defeating SQL injection Input validation mechanisms
Web applications are becoming more and more technically complex. Web applications, their

  • Whitespace
  • Null Bytes
  • SQL Comments
  • URL Encoding
  • Changing Cases
  • Encode to Hex Forbidden
  • Replacing keywords technique
  • WAF Bypassing – using characters
  • HTTP Parameter Pollution (HPP)
  • CRLF WAF Bypass technique
  • Buffer Overflow bypassing

Chapter III

Let’s see the matter in an orderly fashion from the beginning

  • See If Site vulnerability Or Not
  • Get Column Number
  • Bypassing union select
  • Get Version
  • Group & Concat
  • Bypass with Information_schema.tables
  • Requested Baypassing

Chapter IIII

Other issues related to the subject

  • Null Parameter
  • Count(*)
  • unhex()
  • Get database